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Æblerov Pop-up

Please welcome Æblerov for a mini tap take over.

Æblerov is coming to town and bringing four of their awesome ciders with them.

We are looking forward to seeing you lovely people for a day with lots of cider and awesome fruits! ♥ ♥
Benene på nakken 2019
60% eating apples, 20% pear & 20% cider apple varieties

Prendila Così 2019
Fruit pét-nat on 45% Rød Aroma, 45% Holsteiner Cox with maceration of danish Rondo & Regent grapes (Grapes are not organic certified)

Arôme Rouge #2 - ☠️Forbidden Fruits☠️
Fruit pét-nat on mixed organic danish apple varieties macerated & blended with blueberry then topped up with wine from grapes and chokeberries.
Tutti Frutti - ☠️Forbidden Fruits☠️
Fruit pét-nat on organic Rød Aroma apples macerated and blended with various danish wild berries and flowers from our backyard

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