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Baghaven Tasting at Blenderia

Mikkeller Baghaven offers an exclusive beer tasting, where you get transported into a universe of beer like you never experienced before. Mikkeller Baghaven produces beer that is categorized under the name of 'Danish Shipyard Ales' and 'Danish Wild Ale' which means that the beer has undergone mixed fermentation, from cultivated yeast as well as local bacteria and gets a more wine-like and 'champagne'ey' taste. This beer style originated in Belgium, but Baghaven produces Danish Wild Ale with interesting local, Danish ingredients, like cherries from Frederiksdal and Lolland. You will experience a tour of the brewery and tasting room where you get to taste different beers as well as hear the story behind Baghaven and its wild ales. At the tasting you get the opportunity to try tangy and wine-like beers from Mikkeller Baghaven.

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