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Blueberry and Riesling Dry Hop Nelson *Special Reserve Release*

Join us as we celebrate the release of two new Special Reserve beers:
-Riesling Dry Hop Nelson 2021
-Blueberry 2021
-plus rare vintage bottles....
Blueberry 2021 Special Reserve:
Blueberries can be a tricky fruit to ferment, and while we've enjoyed our past blueberry beer (I Found My Thrill), we wanted to elevate the blueberry experience to another level....
We took freshly harvested organic Danish blueberries and cold macerated them for one week to help increase fruitiness. After the cold maceration, in which no alcoholic fermentation occurs, we immediately pressed the blueberries and blended the juice with equal portions of one-year-old Danish Wild Ale.
After aging for 4 months in oak we bottled the beer young to preserve its freshness.
The result is a an intense blueberry rush with mild sherry notes, a restrained acidity, with lots of funk.
Riesling Dry Hop Nelson 2021:
Say hello to Riesling Dry Hop Nelson Sauvin 2021!!⁠

Freshly harvested late harvested Riesling grapes from Mosel in Germany were co-fermented with one-year-old Danish Wild Ale to create the base for this unique beer/wine hybrid.⁠

After 6 months of aging in stainless steel, it was generously dry hopped with whole cone Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.⁠

The resulting beer/wine hybrid has all the classic characteristics of late harvested German Riesling; passionfruit, lime, jasmine, and petrol which are accentuated by the gooseberry and white grape characteristics of the Nelson Sauvin dry hop addition.⁠

The Danish Wild Ale brings a medium acidity and a strong funkiness that perfectly compliments the grapes and dry hops.⁠

After 6 months in the bottle Riesling Dry Hop Nelson Sauvin 2021 is ready to make its debut during a dual Special Reserve event.
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