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Hot Tub Shenanigans!

Join us in the Week of Wild Ale Celebration for a very special liquid treatment. Allow us to present to you: Hot Tub Shenanigans! It's the only responsible outdoor activity when it's this cold.

What does this mean? You'll be sitting outside in February, feeling frisky, warm and fuzzy in a hot tub with a nice beer in your hand and great company (hopefully).


- Price: 50kr pr. hour
- Max capacity: 6 ppl
- What you need to do: Bring a towel and trunks/bikini/bathing suit/speedos, go to the bar, sign up for some steaming hot tub time with your besties, buy a beer and bring it to the tub.
- Rules: We trust your intuition and sensibility here (don't take pictures of hot tubbers against their will, don't go in naked, etc.)

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