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La Neta Valentine's - Hot Ones Edition

At La Neta we are huge fans of both Hot Sauces and the best interview show on YouTube - Hot Ones with Sean Evans.

We wanted to provide you with a different kind of Valentine's/Galentine's/Palentine's date experience where you will be provided with 5 different tacos (vegetarian available as well) with increasing spiciness levels and a set of Hot Topic questions that you can ask each other will eating your tacos.

We have teamed up Vera Mexicana who will provide the intro hot sauces and we will of course finish it off with "The Last Dab" from Hot Ones that we have specially ordered in. Are you ready for some Hot Tacos and even hotter questions?

Just ask for the La Neta Hot Ones Tacos when you arrive if you wish to participate!
Price is 120 kr for 5 tacos.

Disclaimer: You will have to sign a waiver to participate, as we are dealing with very hot chilies and it is your responsibility to gauge if you are able to withstand the heat. Milk will be available.

Vera Mexicana is a Copenhagen based brand focused on Mexican food products made with real high-quality ingredients. All of their products are crafted by locals based on traditional recipes that will maximize flavor in the homes of cooks everywhere, whether you’re new to Mexican cuisine or a life-long fan.

By working with local farming communities and small-scale producers, Vera Mexicana aims to follow sustainable practices across the entire supply chain – from how suppliers are treated to the farming practices used in Mexico.

This event is just a tribute to the show "Hot Ones".

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