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MBW: Humble Forager Bottle Release

The bottle release is part of the Mikkeller Beer Week (MBW), the eventful week leading up to the beer festival Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (MBCC). 🍻
The beers that are being released are not the same as those that will be poured at MBCC. 🍺
These beers will be released 🍾:
- Humble Forager: Fishing with Horus, 13% Imperial Coffee Stout (Horus Collab) ☕
- Humble Forager: Swinging Sticks with Angry Chair, 13% Imperial Stout (Angry Chair Collab) 🥥
- Humble Forager: Coastal Sunset V5, 6% Smoothie Pastry Sour 🥧
- Humble Forager: Coastal Sunrise V5, 6% Smoothie Pastry Sour 🥞
- Humble Forager: Enchanted Island V3, 9% Double Fruited Sour 🍹
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