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Mikkeller Airport x Friends Takeover

It might not be so cosy for some of you to travel right now and visit the best Airport Bar in the world along the way, so we're bringing it to you at Stefansgade!
It's a one day only treat - Mikkeller CPH Airport Bar is taking over the taps at Mikkeller and Friends. Some of you may not yet have visited Mikkeller's award winning Airport Bar so this way you'll get to experience the amazing Airport Pilsner, the world renowned Airport IPA, the Wit, the Spontanale...they're all coming 😉!
We're going to have special Flights - of beer 🙂 - and, wait for it...the all conquering Airport Toast and Beer snack combo!
Turn up in an airport related costume and if we think it's the best on the day you can take yourself home a big old bag full of booze!
The wonderful CPH staff will be serving all day behind the bar in their own special airport attire. Come and meet them if you haven't already, and if you have come and renew old acquaintances with the crew.
Conditions on the ground promise to be: boozy!!
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