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Mikkeller Beer Week presents: Bottle Logic & Marlobobo Beer Release

This is an official Mikkeller Beer Week event. 

Bottle Logic from Anaheim, California.
"Toes To The Nose" - 5.5% Smoothie Sour with Mango, Coconut & Marshmallows.
"Tropical Hideaway" - 5.61% Dole Whip inspired Tiki Sour with Pineapple, Marshmallows & Vanilla.
"Ghost Proton (2022)" - 13.5% Imperial S'Mores Stout.
"Into The Maelstrom (2022)" - 14.2% Imperial BBA Rockey Road Ice Cream-Inspired Stout.
"Aurum Orbitals (2022)" - 13% Imperial BBA Ferrero Rocher-Inspired Stout.
"Cake Day (2022)" - 14.5% 8th Anniversary Imperial BBA Chocolate Cake Stout.
"Collective Comprehension (2022)" - 15% BBA Barleywine with Coconut & Almonds.
"Arcane Rituals (2022)" - 12% English Style Barleywine aged in Bourbon, Brandy & VSOP cognac barrels.
Marlobobo from Sande, Norway.
"Stevnsberry CRYO (2022)" - Freeze-concentrated cherry mead
"Multiversal CRYO (2022)" - Freeze-concentrated raspberry mead
"Bumfuzzle CRYO (2022)" - Freeze-concentrated blackberry mead
"Bourbon BA Stevnsberry CRYO (2021)" - Freeze-concentrated cherry mead aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for 8 months
"Bourbon BA GHLORPH (2021)" - Raspberry, cherry and black currant mead aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for 13 months
"Stevnsberry Select (2022)" - Handpicked and meticulously selected Stevnsbær at perfect ripeness.
We may also have one very, very limited Magnum bottle from Marlobobo!
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