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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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What is Mikkeller at More Beer?

Mikkeller at MoreBeer is a collaboration between Mikkeller and MoreBeer Brewing and boast a unique concept.

Fifty percent of the taps are reserved for the special beers of this international Danish brewery. On the other half of the taps: beers made by Dutch Morebeer Brewing from Peter van der Arend. In addition, two Gulpener beers are served, plus nine more changing beers on the taps. There is plenty to enjoy for Craft Beer fans.

But there’s more: the kitchen serves half vegan, half natural meat. Chef Jesse Oudejans specialized in vegan cooking during the lockdown period. His new menu is mainly inspired by Asian and South American cuisine. “For example, we use the versatile Japanese meat substitute seitan. We make our own, in all kinds of forms, add our unique spice mixtures to it and combine it with tasty homemade broths.”

For non-vegan guests, quality meat from the local supplier Vleesch & Co is on the menu. This is natural meat from organically certified herds that spend their entire lives outside in Dutch nature reserves. Peter van der Arend: “By offering half vegan and half meat, we cater to all our guests. As a vegan or vegetarian, in many restaurants you get to choose from a veggie burger or the same old quiche. At the same time meat lovers can get pretty deprived in veggie restaurants. We combine the best of both worlds. Eating is socializing. Now there is plenty for everyone to choose and enjoy. With - of course - a nice glass of beer!”

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