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Copenhagen, Denmark

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1655 Copenhagen V

What is Viktoriagade?

BOOKINGS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED We will be honouring bookings placed before May 6th And you will always be able to book a table via bookingviktoriagade@mikkeller.dk (minimum party size = 10)

At the center of Copenhagen's beating heart in Vesterbro lies an unassuming little cellar bar. This is the site of the very first Mikkeller Bar. Originally founded with an ambition to create the best beer bar in the world, this would come to be the blueprint for multiple locations worldwide. None of this was known back when the bar first opened its doors. Back then, Mikkeller founder and CEO Mikkel Borg Bjergsø had a wish to create a cozy place where beer enthusiasts from all over the world could enjoy not only his own beers, but the absolute best that the beer world had to offer – both old and new.

This meant that the interior design of the bar had to match the quality of what was in people's glasses. To achieve this, Mikkel teamed up with Danish design bureau Femmes Régionales, who married the feel of more traditional Danish pubs with a light and undeniably Scandinavian aesthetic. This made for a more elegant bar than what most people would commonly associate with drinking beer. Thus, the groundwork was laid, and within a short time, Mikkeller Bar – as it was known back then, being the only one of its kind – soon became a go-to destination for the international beer community, whether you were a dedicated beer geek or an aspiring brewer.

Today the bar is still somewhat of a historic landmark in the Mikkeller universe. It features a tap list with a heavy focus on our own beers. As with all Mikkeller bars, delicious snacks are served, ranging from some of the best Danish cheese available to handmade sausages. Besides the taps, this bar is worth a visit for its crazy list of vintage Mikkeller bottles dating all the way back to the company's early days, as well as guest bottles.

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