Black Russian T-shirt

Yesterday we saw the first real day of spring here in Copenhagen. After a long day at the Mikkeller office, I decided to walk home through the bright and warm city. I had taken off my jacket and had lit my good old pipe. Everything was good.
But as I walked through the city I could not help noticing all the attention I got. Was it the heat that brought a smile on everyone's lips?
On my way home I went straight down to Mikkeller Bar to drink one beer, and here came numerous Beer Geeks approached me and asked me where I had bought the super cool T-shirt I was wearing. And suddenly it became clear to me that all the attention I got on my trip through the city came from: It was not me - but my T-shirt everybody was watching.
Well it's also a nice T-shirt. The design depicts an octopus who's running a bicycle while holding a bottle of Black in one of its many arms.
The design on this T-shirt is made by Konstantin Golubev who lives in St. Petersburg.
If you want your own super smart Mikkeller T-shirt with octopus design, then go to Mikkellers webshop.


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