Mikkeller Bar Birthday

Ladies & Gents.
Besides week 19 being the most crazy beer week in CPH with the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Sour & Bitter and lot of other cool Beer Geeky Stuff, the whole week will start with a celebration of the best beer bar in Copenhagen - Mikkeller Bar. Yes, Saturday we celebrate that exactly 2 years ago,  Mikkeller opened its own bar in the heart of Copenhagen and has ever since been pouring the best, craziest, most potent and challenging beers in the world.

And how to celebrate this? When we in Mikkeller think beer, we think hops. That is why we will put 20 different Single hop beers on tap. This means 20 beers brewed the EXACTLY same way except for the type of hops that was used to make it.
Why? Because this is the perfect way to combine, celebration, (beer) education and quality beers, so come to Mikkeller Bar this Saturday 5th of May and celebrate with us.


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