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Dear friends, Brewers, Beergeeks, Freaks, Friends and Volunteers: Thanks for a great festival. Copenhagen Beer Celebration is over, and even though we are tired as hell, even though we can see there were some things that did not work optimally at CBC,
we are also damn proud to have hosted this festival.
Great food, great beer, and a lot of happy beer-drinking people, we believe thats the recipe for a good festival.

We would also like to thank Drikkeriget and Shelton Brothers for helping us out with all the logistics of getting beers and brewers. Also a big thanks goes to Sparta for loaning us their great hall that facilitated all the beer geek love.

It is evident that you do not invite the world's best breweries to Copenhagen and gather them all under one roof without it getting a lot of attention. Never before have we seen that many good beers in one place here in Scandinavia.
The national TV channel TV2 came by and covered this extraordinary event. The picture shows Barnaby from Three Floyds giving an interview.
Please note the cartridge belt at Three Floyds draft beer equipment. Nobody stole a single beer from Three Floyds... !!

Once again: thanks for a fantastic festival - we love you all.
The Mikkeller Crew

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