A Job Well Done

Some men are made of flesh and bones, others are made of steel. Some Steel Men are made of ordinary steel, the kind of steel you use to build cars,
bridges and railroads. Other Steel Men are made of a harder material. There are men of steel among us that're made of samurai sword steel.
The picture on this blog posts shows you one of the latter kind.
The Steel Man's name is Jacob Alsing, here you see him drinking an American Dream from Mikkeller during a break while running the Copenhagen Marathon.
There were probably those who would grab a cup of water, others might eat a banana, but you know you're dealing with a man of steel,
when you see him drinking beer during a maraton.
When Jacob had finished his beer, he ran the remaining 22 km to the finish line. Then he poured out the beer Mikkeller had brewed especially
for the Copenhagen Marathon the 2012.
You have to be made of steel to complete a marathon, but if you drink beer midway, that's a sure sign that you're made of the samurai sword steel.
There was only one man on Mikkellers Marathon Team, and therefore - we sent the best.
Well done man!

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