Going to the States

Yesterday I travelled to the U.S., and will be staying there for about a week. The first 3 days I will be at the Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse, where Farmers Cabinet and Mikkeller are doing 3 collaboration brews.

We will brew light, bright and funky beer with brettanomyces. Much more info will follow in a few days when we have started brewing.

All brewing is done by Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse's headbrewer Terry Hawbaker. The first time I tasted beer from Farmers Cabinet was at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, I was very impressed with the high quality of their beer, and no doubt Terry is an incredibly talented brewer.

After the third brew day I am going to Philly to attend events at the Philly Beer Week. Both Friday 1th June and Saturday 2nd June Mikkeller events have been arranged at Farmers Cabinet.

I am very excited to be going and promise to post a lot of updates, pictures and accounts of my brewing experiences at Mikkellers home page, and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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