Barrels have arrived

After a pleasant evening in Alexandria, with pizza and local beer in the company of Terry Hawbaker and his girlfriend, photographer Kristen Mullen, it's finally time to see Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse.
The yeast to be used for primary fermentation has not arrived at the brewery yet, since it was Memorial Day yesterday, so today, Terry will show me around the brewery, and we will taste some of the beer he has brewed - which I really look forward to.
The picture for this blog entry shows Terry surrounded by some of the wine barrels that have been purchased for this Mikkeller / Farmers Cabinet collaboration brew. It is planned that both the primary and secondary fermentation should be carried out in wooden barrels. But more about that later on.
It's by the way Kristen Mullen who has taken the picture of her smoking boyfriend and all the wine barrels.

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