Brewers are conservative, they stick to their methods, ingredients and processes. And that's just good. If it wasn't this conservatism, we would not be able to enjoy the classic Southern German Weissbier, Czech lager, English bitter or spontaneously fermented beer from Belgium just to name a few styles that, thanks to brewers' conservatism, have been handed down to posterity's beer drinkers.

So from here a sincere thanks to all the old brewers, who insist on brewing beer just as their ancestors did. But Mikkeller does not join the line of the conservatives. It might be possible to criticize us for that, some might even argue that we fuck the classic beer styles, and that we damage them. But such arguments will not be taken seriously by us.

I'll leave that discussion to others.

Instead I'll draw your attention to the newest beers from Mikkeller: A spontaneously fermented beer with coffee. There are probably several lambic brewers who rotate in their graves at the thought of this beer. And there are probably many more conservative-minded beer drinkers who'll shake their heads. But for all of us adventurous beer geeks who are always on the lookout for a new and exciting taste, this is certainly an exciting novelty.

The label design is made by Keith Shore.

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