I'm a Beer Geek. I love beer, I can talk about beer all day and I can drink beer all night. I might as well admit it: I'm a Beer Geek.

But having said that, at least I'm only a Beer Geek. If I, in addition to my passion beer, for example was also an avid collector of stamps, then I would probably bore my beer friends with long stories about stamps. And my stamp friends would probably be tired of me talking about beer.So to be passionate about one thing is good, it makes you a Geek, and that's okay, but if you are passionate about two things at the same time, then you are a double Geek, and there will be trouble.

Sooner or later you're going to mix up your great interests. I know for sure, because I've seen it happen lots of times.One of my good friends is a Double Geek, on one hand he's a Beer Geek, he has a shop that sells a lot of beer, in my opinion, one of the best in Denmark. But in addition to his passion for beer, he's also a comic book geek. And it is impossible for him to keep the two interests separate. The picture on this blog post is a good example of what I mean.
Mikkeller has brewed a very delicious Pilsner especially for his shop. Lovely and refreshing with lots of American hops. Pils the American way, as we know and love them. But my friend's interest in comics has led him to give this beer a name only he can pronounce, and which only the most geeky comic nerds would know the reference for.

The beer is called Døszt?, Which means thirst in Syldavian. Syldavia is a fictional country that the comic figure Tin Tin visits in the first volume of the Objectif Lune. This small picture from a Belgian comic strip from 1953 was sent to Keith Shore. Keith redraws the image and replaces a Syldavian soldier with Harry and Tin Tin with Sally, and that picture became the label for this beer. So much trouble, and such a strange name for a beer must be the work of a double geek.

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