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Mikkeller is not just a brewery and a bar, it is also an import company. We import a lot of great beers from around the world.

In my opinion one of the most exciting breweries we import to Denmark is 8Wired from New Zealand.

Their iStout is fantastic, their HopWired is world class, and the newest beer is nothing less than amazing and world-class at the same time. HopWired Fresh Hop is its name. An IPA brewed with fresh hops from New Zealand.

This beer offers you a unique chance to taste those hops from New Zeeland fresher than you ever tasted them.

The beer has only been produced in very limited numbers. But if you get the chance to get your hands on one of these wet hopped IPAs, then have one. But you onl yhave a chance if you are among the fastest Beer Geeks around. We have sent onlyone case (12 beers) to Salling in Aarhus and that’s all that’s going to Jutland. In return, the most rapid Beer Geeks will be rewarded with an extraordinarily delicious beer.

Read the full story of HopWired Fresh Hoped this link:

Btw. the brewer at 8Wired is called Søren, and he's actually from Denmark.

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