When I'm behind the wheel in the Mikkeller van, I can easily get a little lonely. I'm pretty sure that many truckers know what I'm talking about here.
But instead of talking to other truckers in a walkie talkie or listening to sentimental country songs, I always turn the radio on.

And then because I hate stupid pop music, loud hosts so full of themselves that it spills into the microphone and people calling in sharing their latest dating humiliation or painful venereal disease with me and everybody else listening, I always listen to the station P1 at DR, Radio Denmark.

P1 is what you'd call an all talk radio. No music, no jingles, no commercials and no loud talk. Just plain talk, all day long.

And the best thing about P1 is, that they always invite an expert to help me understand the complex reality. They have all kinds of experts so that one minute I am listening to an esteemed professor in astrology who knows the ways of the universe, and the next minute it’s an expert on butterflies sharing his wisdom on what happens when a butterfly bats it’s wings.

I just love the way experts speak passionately about their field.

And as long as more or less all you can ever find on the radio or in the TV is shows where people are doing things badly: those who can’t sing, give it a shot and those that can’t dance try their hardest to master the forbidden steps, and where, finally, it seems like no secret is too dark and no inadequacy too big to be shared on national TV; as long as that is the case, I’ll seek refuge with the soothing voices at P1, telling me in detail about the conflict in Syria or the life and death of an obscure insect inhabiting the Danish marshes.

You can call me a grumpy old trucker, but it's the kind of radio I appreciate when I'm driving around, delivering beers and minding my own business.

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