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Here at Mikkeller we develop about 80 new beers each year. However, not every beer comes in a bottle, some only come in kegs and many are only brewed one time. But having said that, there are constantly new labels on their way in and out and since we work with many different label designers we are in contact with many different expressions and styles.

Recently, Mikkeller cooperated with Bedow, a Swedish graphic design studio run by Perniclas Bedow. Mikkeller brewed a summer Pilsner, Bedow designed the label. But it is certainly no ordinary label. When you take the beer out of the fridge the motif on the label seems to be just some flower buds, but as the label becomes warmer and warmer the buds transform into flowers. In other words - the labels are printed on heat sensitive paper.

It's one thing to get a good idea, like printing a label on heat sensitive paper and therefore change the design while drinking beer, but it's something else to make a beautiful label design. And that part of the task has Bedow solved in a masterly way. Actually, this design is so delicious that it has been selected as one of the best new designs in Sweden in the past three months.

We knew nothing about this until we received the following happy e-mail from Perniclas Bedow:

The Mikkeller + Bedow Summer Pilsner was selected as one of the ten best designs of the last quarter in Swedens largest advertisning magazine Resumé. It is really good – they almost only select big commercial agencies with big commercial clients. So this makes us very happy!

The Mikkeller + Bedow Spring Ale is sold out by now, the Summer Pilsner will also be sold out soon, but watch out for both the autumn and winter beers from Mikkeller + Bedow.


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