Real beer for real Vikings

Here in Scandinavia we consider ourselves Vikings - or at least direct descendants of the Vikings.

Many people think that life as a Viking is a walk in the park. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Life as a Viking is hard. A Viking wakes up early and goes to bed late. And in between, there is a lot of things a Viking must do.

First and most importantly, the Viking helmet must be polished to a shine, the Viking boat prepared, you need to conquer England and finally there is beer that needs drinking.

You can’t be a serious Viking if you do not drink a lot of beers every day.

And the beers have been a big problem for us Vikings the past several years.

Our Viking brothers and sisters in the Faroe Islands have not been able to buy strong beer until very recently.

Religious forces and weird rules have prevented the Faroese Vikings from drinking strong beer.

But now they finally got a new set of laws, that give the Faroese Viking the opportunity to drink real beer.

Mikkeller has just recently sent the first pallet of beer up to our Viking friends in the north, so that they too can enjoy a glass of delicious beer while they perform their Viking deeds.

This might be a small step for mankind, but it is a big step for the overall Viking culture.



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