Invading Sweden

Next week Mikkeller and To Øl will do what should have been done years ago. We will take back what is rightfully ours. We will make an complete invasion and take back Sweden.

We will put our beers on 80 taps at 4 different bars (Bishops Arms Gustav - Malmö, Ölrepubliken - Göteborg, De Klomp - Linköping & Bishops Arms Folkungsgatan - Stockholm) and drive from bar to bar where tastings and beer dinners will be arranged.

We will start Monday 29th oct at 17:00 at Bishops Arm Gustav in Malmö and from their we will work ourself through the country until we make the final dinner in Stockholm Saturday 3rd Nov.

Though some of the events have already sold out, there are still a few seats left at some of the bars, so contact your local bar for more information! If you can not make it to the given event then no worries - all bars will from monday be pouring all beers until the kegs run dry.

We look forward to see you, talk to you, drink with you at the event and we look forward to bring home some Swedish Gold!


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