The diverse nature of beer and people


Here at Mikkeller we are of course very interested in having as many people as possible taste our beer. But not only quantity matters, it never hurts to add a bit of star quality to your crowd of loyal customers. To spell it out it would of course be more interesting if President Obama tasted our beer , and liked it, than if Local Bob did.

That is why, among other reasons, we are so very pleased with the image above, depicting the Danish princess-one-day-to-be-queen Mary, holding a glass of Royal Rye Wine.

It's a beautiful picture, it’s a beautiful princess and it’s certainly a beautiful glass of beer showing of such a glowing brownish hue that you can almost smell it and almost taste it just by taking it in with your eyes.  And to make the whole picture even more beautiful - if possible – you can add the knowledge that the Royal Rye Wine won gold medal in the 2012 World Beer Awards.

We are of course happy here at Mikkeller, enjoying our price and the princess’ approval, and in the midst of all this happiness we feel that we have to pay our respect to our collaborative partners. Baltika and Jacobsen. Although not experienced in the prize winning department, they are very skilled at the quantitative side of things – they can brew huge amounts of beer, and sell it too. And for that we of course respect them deeply. With this post we therefore wish to extend our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the two breweries. By working together with us you proved that you possessed one more talent, besides the not insignificant one of making lots of beer, you proved that you can also make good beer. Congrats and lots of luck brewing beer in the future. Much beer. Or good beer. Or both?

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