3 of November - Black Sensation at Mikkeller Bar

I have seen many things in my time. I have seen shipwrecks, havoc and instantaneous death.  I am in touch with the dark side – so believe me, when I tell you: November the third will be a dark and stormy night. And in one particular place in town darkness will gather, it will be slithering down the walls, coming out of the light bulbs and above all – pouring out of as many as 20 tabs. This place where darkness rules will be Mikkeller Bar. This particular night there will be a great variety of deep, dark beers to choose from for those who venture out of the circle of light. If, around ten o’clock’ you can endure more darkness still, then you can witness the prince of dark luck drawing lot for the amazing prize of 2 times 2 tickets for the great dark event of the spring, CBC, where it will be possible to encounter no less than the dark lord itself, along with many disciples.

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