This Monday we’ll release Mikkeller Spirits here in Denmark.  And you're hereby invited to stop by Mikkeller Bar and savor this new product that has been developed in cooperation with Braunstein distillery.

This is the first in a series of spirits that Mikkeller will be launching. Everything is of the highest quality, made in very small batches, and we’ve paid a lot of attention to every detail of this project.

We have kept it secret for a long time, but here we go.

Come to Mikkeller Bar Monday the 5th of November, we’ll tell you about this new concept and serve some samples from 2 till 4’o clock in the afternoon.

The following video is in Danish, as Mikkeller Spirits is initially only released on the Danish market. But during 2013, Mikkeller Spirits will also be for sale outside Denmark.

Click here to watch the video

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