It's Christmas time…

Christmas is a wonderful time. Finally an opportunity to spend to spend some time with friends and family. Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts. Everything is great, but it can also be stressful. Especially buying all the Christmas gifts can generate some stress.

But at this very point Mikkeller rows you a helping hand. Our web shop is full of great Christmas gifts. How about a bottle of Dry hop simcoe vodka for your onkel Bob, a bottle of Rum cask black for your father in law, or maybe the big Pappy edition gift box for your old man.

These are all unique gifts that for sure will generate a lot of joy and happiness. And you don’t have to run from store to store to find them. Just go into Mikkeller's webshop, place your order and we’ll send it all to you in just a few days. It is easy and simple.

Besides spirits, you will also find T-shirts, limited edition beers, glasses and many other delights in Mikkeller's webshop.

We can only send booze and beer to our customers in the EU.

Merry Christmas.

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