Mikkeller Spirits - now in Sweden

You've probably noticed how many Swedes you always meet at Mikkeller Bar. We are of course very happy that this is the case. As we have become accustomed to snuff cans on the tables and the spicy scent of köttbullar (Swedish meatballs), which is always part of meeting with the always polite and well-dressed Swedes.

A year ago we took the consequences and employeed Rob as a bartender at Mikkeller Bar. First and foremost because he's a great bartender, but certainly also because he masters the Swedish language in all its forms - even the totally impossible Skåne dialect of this goblin language.

In other words, we really like the Swedes, and we try to always make sure they get the best experience when they visit Mikkeller bar.

Many Swedes have recently asked if they could buy Mikkeller Spirit, and until now we have had to refer to Mikkellers Webshop, but now change is coming.

Because now it is actually possible to buy Mikkeller Spirit in Sweden. Here you can see how.

All of us not lucky enough to be Swedish citizens must continue to buy our Mikkeller Spirit through Mikkellers webshop.

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