A cowboy and a monk

Two of the most innovative, creative and forward-thinking individuals form a team and work together to reach new heights.

I'm of course talking about the monk and the cowboy aka the Chef and the Brewer aka Jacob Mielcke and Mikkel Bjergsø from respectively Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl and Mikkeller.

Together, the dynamic duo decided to create a great dinner consisting of an absolute interaction between food and beer. And you're invited as a guest.

Friday February 1st and Friday February 8th you’re invited to restaurant Mielcke and Hurtigkarl to enjoy the fruits of this collaboration. But before you book your ticket you must know that this event is not even a traditional food meets beer event.

Both the kitchen and the brewery have done everything they can to create food and beer that is completely unique.

All beer is made especially for the dishes they are to be enjoyed with, and it is therefore unique beer and unique food that you will not find anywhere else.

This event is part of Wondercool Copenhagen. You can buy your ticket online at this link.

Do not miss this opportunity to experience the finest in beer and food!

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