Mikkeller & Friends Update

The new Mikkeller & Friends Bar is slowly coming along. After been knocking down old bricks and dirt from the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the toilet etc etc. we have finally started to build up the place. The last couple of days the place has been quiet because we last monday started building the floor. None less than 275 square meters has been covered with shinny turquoise epoxy floor paint making the rooms smooth and shiny. The epoxy is slowly drying and today we had the chance to look around.

Also the walls where the bar is going to be has been painted black and don't you worry, we promise to fit all 40 taps!

We are looking forward to presenting the finished bar to you all from 16th march where we will throw a big opening party with 1000 free draft beers.

Put a big X in your calendar - see you at Stefansgade 35, kld 2200 Copenhagen N

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