Mikkeller in Russia part II

Today, we brewed a no bull shit IPA. simple malt base, clear and crisp yeast, and an awful lot of American hops.

Malt is from Germany, water and yeast is from St. Petersburg, but the hops come from the U.S. To make sure that we got fresh hops, I had to bring it myself. So I packed 20 kg fresh hops in my suitcase before I left Denmark. That meant that I besides hops only had room for a pair of underpants and a toothbrush. But fair enough, I came neither to Russia to look good or to be particularly clean, I'm here to brew beer, and that was exactly what I did today.

The beer we brewed will be called Karamazov Brothers ipa, in about four weeks from now it will be for sale, but only in Saint Petersburg.

Tomorrow I'll brew an Amerikan Pale Ale - Stay tuned for more info on Mikkeller in Russia.

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