Whats up with Mikkellers Facebook? Oh.. sorry, Facebooks?


Just to clear out any misunderstandings. Yesterday we uploaded three new Facebook pages so that we now have 4 different pages on The Book.

Now you can be even more specific in your search for information on the different branches in the Mikkeller Tree. For this to work you have to Like the different sites and share it with your best friends.

These are the pages click on the links and Like us:

One for the brewery Mikkeller

One for the now classic almost 3 year old Mikkeller Bar in Viktoriagade 8B-C, Copenhagen V

One for the new Mikkeller & Friends Bar in Stefansgade 35, Copenhagen N

And one for the new Mikkeller & Friends bottle shop we're opening in connection to the bar in Stefansgade 35

Go ahead and Like us!

We love you.


The Mikkeller crew


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