Friends & Crazy Shit!

About time - that we say a little more about the Mikkeller Friends.
We will serve the craziest you can find on our new bar in Stefansgade. We are proud to say - that our long time friends from Three Floyds have promissed us a river of their best stuff for the bar. And not just for this weekend - but in all future. So for you guys craving FFF - you can always get it at the Mikkeller and Friends bar.
What crazy shit will be on during the opening? We´re saving that for later this week, but we have so much stuff that we need to put some of it on in Viktoriagade. Here is a sneakpreview of the planned taplist in Viktoriagade this Saturday: ------->

1 Vesterbro Pilsner
2 Vesterbro Wit
3 Vesterbro Brown
4 Vesterbro Spontanale
5 Viktoria IPA (new release)
6 Black 2011 Tequila & Speyside
7 It's Alive Chardonnay Mango
8 SpontanDoubleCherry 1 year Lambic (no year on)
9 SpontanDoubleCherry ½ year Lambic
10 SpontanDoubleBlueberry
11 SpontanDoubleElderflower
12 Spontan Figs
13 BA Texas Ranger Bourbon
14 BA Texas Ranger Islay w.kriek
15 BA Texas Ranger Eagle Rare
16 BA George Cognac
17 BA Funky E-star Chardonnay Ed.
18 BA Funky E-star Sauterne Ed.
19 Nelson Sauvignon
20 Betelgeuze w/ To Øl


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