Day 3 at Copenhagen Beer Celebration Week

After souring up all your stomachs at Mikkeller & Friends' Sour Event yesterday we now want to go regional on you!

Oh yes - we have been so lucky to get our hands on a rare list of beers - the best of the best craft brewers from Chicago (those who couldn't make it at CBC) teamed up and gathered a pallet of beers just for our humble bar.

Let's get this straight. We are overwhelmed and happy for this. So overwhelmed that we want to share this with you and instead of just putting one beer on at a time we want to give you the fuuulllllllll monty!

So from NOW all 20 taps are pouring the most hype shiat in town (chicago). Get your ass down there now! Check out the full list here.

Go - what you waiting for boy?

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