Spontanisk Haves Dag

This Sunday (9th) Mikkeller and To Øl will invade the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen at its annual Botanical Garden Day where the garden opens up for all its small secrets and mysterious plants and invites special gardeners, workshops and people using plants, flowers or anything botanical in a special context to come celebrate the diversity and beauty of botany.

We have been invited to present a wide variety of beers that has been made in a botanical context - with flowers, fruits and of course hoooooooooops! We will showcase how different fruit in beers can be used ranging from our "Orange Yuzo, Glad I Said Porter", where the special japanese citrus fruit "Yuzo" has been added in a dark porter to add a citrussy balance a normally very chocolaty beer; our "Texas Ranger" where the smoked Chipotle Chilies has been added to a stout to give it a spicy and smoked notes and our Women’s 10K, where elderberries and elderflowers adds floral notes to a low alcohol beer.

We will present our "Nørrebro Spontanale" - our house beer at the Mikkeller & Friends bar in Nørrebro that has been fermented with the wild yeasts that lives in the air we brief and derives from all the botanical live, that sorrounds us. We will present the "To Øl Blossom", that has been made with a variety of flowers that supplement a lot of the hop aromas in this American style wheat ale.

And then we will be pouring 3 of our single hop IPAs - the Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and Citra. The single hop project was originally made to show people how different hops can be. Therefore 10 different beers was produced exactly the same way - same recipe, brewing facility, time of year, ingredients etc. The only thing differed was the type of hop used in the actual beer. The differences in the aromas of hops are astonishing and can relate to the differences of the different grapes of wine.

All these beers will be presented at the North Western part of the Botanical Garden (at "Staudekvarteret") from 11:00-17:00 Sunday.  So be there or be █



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