Copenhell Moonshine

Copenhell - the biggest Metal Festival in Denmark - is now well over. The last long haired heads has been shook, the last maniac mosh pit has been made and the last throat breaking, growling sing a long shout out loud song has been sung.

Mikkeller was of course represented to this festival due to our (friends) eager love of death metal, but this time it wasn't with beer, but with our newly Moonshine liquor made specially for Copenhell. When walking around the festival looking at the crowd, photographer Morten Skovgaard saw former lead singer of Pantera (now lead singer in "Down") "Phil Anselmo" standing backstage after the concert recovering from injuries due to smashing the microphone too hard in his own head (see the blood in the forehead on the photo) with nothing less than the Mikkeller Spirits : Copenhell - Bark at the Moonshine.

If you didn't get a chance to try it at the Copenhell or simply just want to bark at the moon another time, then you are in luck. We still have a few bottles of the moonshine left at the Mikkeller webshop. So go grab yourself some moonshine now at


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