Mikkeller Tasting Panel and Mad Food Camp beers

Mikkeller Tasting panel on Beer for Mad Food Camp 2013
Here is the short resume of the tasting.

The project with Mad Beer 3 is a project were five individual beers have been brewed for the Mad Beer symposium in Copenhagen. Each beer is made to test an ingredient or to match a specific meal. The project is fun, because it’s accepted to test crazy stuff in the beer. You can read about the camp here

Dandillion Root Beer, Belgian wit Bier made with dandylions picked at Refhaleøen in Copenhagen, 4,8% ABV
Very light in colour. The head is nice and lasts throughout the entire glass.
The nose has a definite Milk/lacto earthy feeling.
The taste has clear farm house parallels, the beer is wild, with a citrus flavor with hints to nuts. The aftertaste is mildly bitter and very dry. Despite the drinkability and low alcohol it still has complexity and body. Works well with spicy food.

Weed beer, American wheat beer brewed with 5kg of grass picked at Refshaleøen, 3,5% ABV
Amber Golden colour and a nice lasting head.
Smells like a freshly moved lawn - wet hay with earthly notes and brown sugar.
The graas taste is very clear and the grass taste is very distinct. Fresh green smells like frash hazelnuts and also sweet citrus. The grass adds taste of liquriceroot and anis seed. The beer is almost to fresh to call it balanced. It should definitely be enjoyed fresh. The aftertaste is very short.

Folks Beer, Belgian wild ale brewed with enzymes to make it dry, 7,0% ABV
Light golden colour with a fizzy and fluffy egg white lasting head
The nose is similar to mild farm house ales, with clear hints from the Brett that gives impressions of wet soil and soapwort. You sense the alcohol as a mild burning feeling in the aroma.
It is mildly malted and has a light body but due to a refreshing citric touch along with peppery notes from the brett and an almost zesty bitterness, it seems pretty complex and its surprises with a long lasting bitter finish
A mildly spiced beer, that would work well with the Asian cuisine.

92 dream team, mission chineese food, German Pils brewed for Mission Chineeses fod 5,0% ABV. The Name is a tribute to the 1992 US Dream Team.
Clear golden colour and a nice head
The nose is fruity and fresh reminds you of a fruit stock that has been sitting a while
Very mild in taste has a nice body with notes from the alcohol. Has straw, bread and a rosty bitterness to the taste. Te taste isn’t as fruity as the nose. A little malty sweetnes - Creamy in taste and not a very complex beer.

S´MAK Beer, porter made with Sumak spice, 5,5% ABV
A dark brown beer topped with a fine brown head with a faint purple glow that maybe is caused by the sumak.
A heavely roasted malt and coffee feeling in the aroma. You also find liquorish, buttery toasts and wet soil. If you are familiar with Mikkellers brunch Weasel you will somehow recognize its aroma in this beer .
The spice sumac has been used for this beer. A spice that you often find in middle eastern cuisine. Somehow the sumac is pretty anonymous, but you find it as a fine mild acidity, that tends to play well with the acidity from the roasted malts.
This could somehow be a crossover between a swarzbeer and a mild stout. It has a light body and a creamy mouthfeel with a long lasting bitter finish full of coffee and burned malts.
Pork on the grill would be a perfect partner in crime.

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