Invitation to Copenhagen Beer Celebration

Dear friends, freaks and family.

It is our honour and privilege to invite You to our celebration, of the worlds best craft beer. the actual celebration will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2014, but events will happen all week.

Last year we had 30 breweries for three sessions. This year we will have 40 for four sessions and they have all promised to bring only their rarest and most innovative beers. The celebration will happen in Sparta Hallen like last year, and like last year we will celebrate the birthday of the Viktoriagade bar on sunday the 4th.

We have invited new restaurants to come up with new delicious meals, and John "the godfather of hotdogs" has promised to come back with his crazy hot dogs.

Last year - the tickets sold out in less than three days - we hope that the extra session will give more people the opportunity. You can find the tickets here The tickets are available from the 1st of November at 8pm Danish time, and yes - the pink tickets are still there.

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