Mikkeller & The Earl of Essex

Yesterday Mikkeller brewed a beer along with the Earl of Essex at Danbury Street, London. We had planned to brew an American IPA with a very simple malt base, an American ale yeast and a crazy amount of American hops. 7% alcohol, and an IBU far above what is normally brewed in the London area. I feel pretty sure that this beer will have the trademark hoppiness of a Mikkeller beer.
If you drop by Earl of Essex in a month's time, make sure to taste the to this date strongest beer brewed on the equipment.
The picture is of Jimmy, the head brewer at Danbury Street. If you know Jimmy , you'll know that he is a happy and smiling individual. So if you think this picture shows a more tight-lipped Jimmy than the guy you usually run into in the streets and pubs around London, you might have a point there.
The reason for that is that the day before we brewed this beer Jimmy was working at the Kings Arms, where Mikkeller hosted a Tap Takeover event. And the hundreds of happy beer geeks who came to that event made sure to keep Jimmy busy all night long.
Thanks to everyone who came to the Kings Arms, it was a wonderful evening . A warm thank you to Anselm Chatwin, the owner of both the Earl of Essex and Kings Arms who came up with the idea for and did the planning of these two fantastic events.
Dear London, your beer scene rocks! Hope to see you soon again .
Yours truly, Thomas - Mikkeller

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