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Pours a hazy golden with a potent white foamy head.
This beer has a refine aroma with a sweet malty base and a nice acidic touch on top. You feel the shiso as a green hint among a fine hoppyness. When tasted the shiso really reveals its self. It is both perfumic with green notes and a touch of spices - it’s the taste of fresh shiso. After your palates gets used to the shiso the hoppy notes gets clearer with tropical flavors. We get hints of green citrus, mango and honey melon. The taste is nicely balanced and the bitterness is long lasting with a perfect bitter finish.
This is not a very complex beer but very pleasant beer. It is never getting too much and is not taking over the picture when paired with most food. That you can often experience with especially IPAs. The mouth feel is light with a fine oily touch that somehow tends to have a cleansing effect.
To the release of this beer it was served to a dish containing arctic char with shiso, quinoa and skyr. It was a great match. If served to more every day dishes this beer could work very well with for example sushi.

Umami is a beer produced with søl, a certain see weed from Iceland. This is a a beer with its roots in the classic German pilsner style. It has a light golden color and white foamy head that in the beginning is a bit hazy, but gets clearer over time.The aroma is crispy and fresh with a hint of black peppercorn. Actually both the crispiness and fresh mild spiciness in the aroma kind of reminds us a bit of freshly poured Altbier from kegs. The seeweed makes its entrance in the flavour, both with a bit of saltiness combined with a subtle sweetness. Seasalt and clay makes a short appearance before it fades out in a mild salty and bitter finish. It has a nice fattiness that reminds us of advocado and sweet almonds, that together with a twist of peach creates a fine smooth mouthfeel. When the beer is chilled it goes more by pilsner-like beer, and thus could work with most food. , but as it goes up in temperature the umami stands out more clearly and makes the beer seem heavier and less bitter - which we think would work well with some classic tapas with Iberian ham, smoked shrips, creamy and aged cheeses and so forth.

pours a clear orange with a fine thick white head The first thing you get from the aroma is apricots and red berries like raspberries topped with a bretty touch and some fine spices. Somehow the taste is very low key with a salty mineral thing dominating along with a mild citric touch. The brett and the plums together creates something like ripe peaches - much similar to the impression you get when tasting the umebushi plumps. Also here in the taste we find something that reminds us of raspberries. The salty level is well balanced and never gets too much. You get a very mild mouthfeel with a finish that ends quickly and leaving you with a kind of mineral feeling and a dry finish When released it was served to a dish with grilled banana, ell, taiyaki and onions, but this is also a beer that would work very well with especially oysters but also seafood in general.

is a spontaneous fermented beer with the lovely sour Japanese fruit yuzu added. It is a cloudy orange beer topped with a thin white head The yuzu is the all dominating impression you get from the aroma. Behind that there are some faint perfumic and wooden notes The taste is - as the name says - very sour and that in a bitter way. We get impressions of the bitterness you also get from the white stuff under the orange peel. Somehow this is a one dimensional beer with the aromatic yuzu drawing most of the picture. The spontan trade marks is at first hidden but reveals its self in the finish where wooden and earthly notes adds to the picture.
This beer dries you up. It has the fattiness as you also get from some other spontaneous fermented beers, but at the same time the sharp sourness that kicks your taste buds right off the table.
When released this beer was served with the world’s deadliest catch - the King crab, along with cucumber, jasmine and pink grape. We would also recommend this to go with heavy blue creamy cheeses, or some fatty fish like grilled mackerel with lemon.

is a 6,7 % porter with popcorn added. It is a black beauty with a cappuccino colored head. The aroma is dominated of burned malts, lots of toffee, caramelized prunes and a fine a nicely balanced acidity.
You don´t find the same burned expressions in the taste as in the aroma. Here you really get the sweetness this beer aim for. Bitter chocolate, burned sugar, toffee, soya burned fresh figs and dates with a fresh lactic background. The beer is well balanced and integrates the sweetness, the malty level and the bitterness in a very fine way, with a thick mouth feel with a creamy touch. When released this beer was served to the dessert. A dessert with frozen beet root, chili, chocolate and
thyme. We would also like to have this beer with fresh desserts or cheeses. Don´t serve it to a sweet dish - it would be too much.

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