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Mikkeller - Faro
Reddish brown hazy pour with a potent fluffy white head.

The nose is fruity in a heavy acidic and citric way, topped with a fine sweetness as from dried fruits like apricots and prunes. You will also find a blooming freshness like in elderflowers.

The mouthfeel is creamy with a pretty low carbonation. The cream-white foam creates a smooth feeling like in an Italian Asti - just not as dry.

This is a very sweet beer - and surprisingly sweet compared to the impression you get in the aroma. The mild sourness actually makes the sweetness stands out more clearly and pure with a fine balance between the two. You feel the brown sugar as buttery caramel almost like fine toffee along with a sourness like in oxidized apples.

This beer is like a dessert. Not to be served with a dessert - but as a dessert in itself. It would go nicely to strong blue cheeses though.

M´Øller - Simcoe IPA
….Probably the best IPA that Mikkeller has ever made ...!

Djånglevrål m. Yuzu
A black beauty topped with a dark brown head

The aroma is blasting the yuzu out just with a faint malty chocolate touch in the background.

This is made with the Swedish top of the pops salty licorice Djunglevrål…and that definitely spikes up the beer in a salty way. To add Yuzu to the picture gives it a kind of splitted personality. Salty licorice and citric to the max without they really meets in a balanced picture.

The mouthfeel is soft and creemy at first, but quickly the yuzu bitterness takes over and creates a bitter sour aftertaste.

It is an interesting beer that might be a bit too much, but the two flavours are definitely an interesting mix to work with, just in a lower scale.

Dark Tokyo Horizon - times tree
A side by side tasting of the three versions of the famous colab. brewed by each of the breweries and here combined in one tasting.
You can taste that it is the same recipe, but the result is very interesting when tasted together.

Nøgne Ø:
Scent: fresh licorice, chocolate, roasted malt, mineral
Appearance: Lightest, almost reddish tinge.
Taste: Smoke, sweetened up with the heat. Complex and balanced, sweet finish
Body: A little thin

Scent: Marzipan, cherries, soy
Appearance: Heaviest curtains glaze and darkest color
Taste: Very spicy, salty soy, cloves, perfume, sweet bitter finish
Body: Great mouth feel and thick body.

Brew Dog:
Aroma: Roasted almost like meat, acidity
Taste: Unbalanced sweet, sweet licorice, sweetness is not integrated into the taste, bitter finish
Body: A little thin, boozy

George - BA Calvados
Nøgne Ø:
Slightly oxidized, roasted malts, a little boozy, well rounded.

Roasted malt, coffee, fresher, sweeter, tobacco, super delicious aftertaste, ending dry and roasted, chocolate, Could it be a little more potent?

George - BA Bourbon
Nøgne Ø:
Smells really good, but gets a little thin compared to Lervik: Both have a dry finish, but this will have a slightly tart edge.

Taste-wise better, and it seems somewhat more bold and consistent. Fine complexity. Have much darker in terms of taste expression, fresher bourbon flavor, but finely tuned. The aroma is changing for the better

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