Tasting Panel - Majsgoop - 3 different versions

Majsgoop - 3 different versions

The beer pours a deep hazy orange pour with a fine white head.

The aroma is sweet and malty with fine traces of alcohol, toffee and a nice hop profile that adds citrus and grapefruit to the picture. We also pick up some mild notes of heather honey and newly harvested straws.

The taste is well balanced between the bitterness, sweetness and the alcohol profile. We get impressions of grapefruit, fresh hazelnuts, and grilled sweet lemon

The mouthfeel is huge with an oily profile and a warming kick of alcohol. The finish is dry and bitter with a heavy fruity touch. The bitterness stays with you for a long time.

The appearance of this one seems slightly darker than the others. It also comes out with a bit darker head.

The aroma in this one appears fattier and seems not as fresh and citric as number one and you don’t get the same blooming hoppyness. Instead you get a more sweet impression where the toffee is dominating. We also get an impression of green tea and lime

The taste is sweeter and less bitter. We think of dried figs, marzipan and some grapefruit, but in a milder way.

The aroma in number three seems a bit fruitier in a tropical way. We get ripe mangoes and pineapples. The color is the same as in number one and thus slightly lighter than number two.

The taste is as in number two sweeter than number one. But somehow the sweetness is more balanced in this one. It’s a sweetness that tends to be a bit fruitier with a top of acacia honey. It seems as if this version keeps the alcohol touch integrated in the beer in a better way than number two.


We don´t agree on which one is better. Two of us prefer number one because of the freshness and two of us prefer number three because it mimes the style of barley wine better with the sweetness, that is better balanced than in number two.

If we have to guess, we believe that the difference between the three of them is the yeast that have been used.

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