Tasting Panel - Boon, Barrel no. 76 - Two year old lambic

Poured from tap it appears hazy and orange with almost no carbonation and thus no head at all. It’s a beauty that almost looks like light amber as you see in real apple juice or British cider.
The aroma is mild, gentle and round - and not at all what you expect from a lambic. You really sense that this is not a new lambic. It has calmed down and you don’t get the aggressive acidic notes along with the dusty impressions. Instead it appears mature with a nice mild sweetness with expressions of fresh apples, wood and mild toffee. We also get a touch of lactose and tropical fruits like peaches and apricots. The barrel comes through very gently balanced.
The taste is surprisingly sweet, but still with a fine biting acidic bitterness like the one you get from the white parts of an orange peel. Fine traces of the wooden barrel that gives it some sweet, fat and nutty notes that makes it very pleasant to drink. In the taste you also get the fruity sweetness as from blood oranges and dried apricots
The mouth feel is rich and creamy with a semi dry finish that also makes the flavors long lasting.
It is as if new flavors appear every time you take a new zip. It’s a rich and complex beer that actually reminds us of some of the good nature wines that are being served at many high end restaurants at the moment.
This beer is one fantastic beer - period. It’s elegant and vinous and would be a fantastic serving to most dishes.

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