Tasting Panel - Sally Monroe

Sally Monroe - American Pale Ale - Alc. 2,8 % Vol.

Sally pours a hazy golden body topped with a fine white head. The aroma is huge with a blooming profile almost like Jasmine flowers. On top you get the out sprung summer impression with both notes of honey and melon, but underneath a fine spicy peppery profile appear.
When tasted, the spiciness stands out clear and leads to a citric acidity. We also experience a mild touch of grains that with its sweetness, goes well with the citric notes.
Naturally, due to the very low alcohol, the mouth feel is pretty thin, but with an extremely dry and bitter edge, that leaves you with the impressions of fresh green pepper corns.
It’s a delicate and very refreshing beer that seems to be the perfect match for a hot summer day.
As for food pairing, we’d love to see this served to the crayfish feasts that will soon be over us. It would also be perfect along with grilled lobster tail with aioli.

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