Øl & Brød

In case you haven't heard, we opened up a restaurant. It's called Øl & Brød and it's an extension of what we've always been doing: High quality products served by beer-aficionados to be savored in a distinct, minimalistic Mikkeller-esque setting.
For this project we are carefully handling the holy grail of Danish food, as we step into the world of Smørrebrød (traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches) - A style of food we are all huge fans of.


After being frustrated with the poor beer selection served in the typical Danish smørrebrød restaurants and not having good suggestions of where to send people asking for traditional Danish food, we felt the time was right to open a beer geek's dream of a restaurant. So when a space in the building next to the original bar was made available, the decision was made very quickly. This didn’t happen out of courtesy to our customers, but because we are curious, adventurous, and more importantly, because we love this type of food. It's a natural progression on the palette for what people have come to associate Mikkeller for and we truly aimed to build a place where we would enjoy an everyday meal ourselves.

We have great respect for the traditional Danish Smørrebrød, but we are also always looking ahead, trying to push boundaries. Needless to say, we have been extremely selective in all aspects of this project. We specifically handpicked everything from the beers selected, the chefs composing the menus, the staff serving and guiding, the interior, and the suppliers because of their quality and like-minded attention to detail.

Obviously, we have a beer list, that in it's own right is a worthy menu by itself, but we have also acquired the most extensive Akvavit list in Northern Europe (around 250 different) with the oldest bottle dating back to the 1950's!

At night we do pairings of both the beers and the akvavit alongside the menus.

The people running it are two very young chefs, trained in some of the best kitchens in Denmark and one of our best bartenders – now headwaiter/sommelier.

No doubt we are aiming high, but why the hell not drink the best beer possible, as you enjoy something so beautiful and rich in taste as smørrebrød?! All these things combined, will hopefully create a unique gastronomic experience, which we are proud to present under the Mikkeller banner.

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