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Pineapple - Apple
A clear golden pilsner with a fine white head.

The aroma is almost like mild perfume, with tropical fruit, marzipan and the added chamomile sticking out as an interesting feature.

In the taste, the chamomile is present very heavily at first, followed by a fresh touch of green apples -leading to a mild herbal and bitter finish.

A refreshing beer, that would be great on the table along with some sushi or salted cod.

Refshaleøen Sour
A cloudy light brown beer with an almost pink head.

This beer is brewed with blackthorne berries, which vibrantly appears in the aroma. A lot of berries, wood, vanilla, marzipan, and blackcurrant leaves that all together creates a refreshing earthly impression.

This is a sour beer - no doubt about it. The sourness hits instantly as when you bite in a lemon peel. This first sour impression is quickly followed by the sweet acidity from the berries with all its characteristics. Side notes we found, are earthly spiced notes, white pepper and honey.

This is a rather complex beer, where you find yourself thinking of a Swedish forest on a warm summer day, where everything is in blooming and humming. Somehow it is a taste of that forest.

A porter made with unrefined cane sugar added. All black in the glass with a lovely brown head.

The aroma is blasting roasted malts out in a way where it almost gets citric. From the aroma we also get coffee and milky chocolate, when swirled in the glass.

The taste has a well roasted and burned profile. There is cedar tree, licorice, a faint touch of smoke and an acidic coffee flavor similar to what you get in certain espressos.

The finish is rather mild with a fine acidic touch.

Try it with a some good goat cheeses - it works.

Bubble Sencha Beer
This is a champagne beer with green tea added. An interesting cocktail, that presents itself with the characteristic huge white foamy head and bubbly attitude, like you see in champagnes.

Tasting just the foam, you get a very nice impression of green spruce - lovely.

The green tea is revealing itself in the aroma, with a fine touch of jasmine flower, lime,  green apples and Mirabelle plum.

Malt Liquor
A heavy amber colored beer that comes with a hard hitting 9% ABV.
It has a sweet aroma where toffee and hazel nuts are very much dominant.

The taste is very sweet (like butterscotch), but not with the biting alcohol impression that one could expect. Some dried tropical fruits, cane sugar and vanilla rounds it up leading to a long lasting sweet and malty finish.

The body is medium, which along with an acidic touch never make this beer too much, when thinking of the very sweet character.

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