Be our General

With access to WarPigs like no other guest, only the imagination sets limits to what your dividend will be as the General of the Armies in WarPigs Troopers.

You will have a portrait of your face painted on our mash tun and you will get a free beer everyday for the rest of your life at WarPigs, but that is just where the journey begins.

You will get your own General’s stick and an always-reserved custom-made chair at the bar anytime from open to close, with non-stop VIP treatment coming your way. If you want us to throw a festival in your honor, we will throw a festival in your honor. You want to brew your own beer? Then you will brew your own beer.

We want the right person to be our General. When we say right we mean someone who loves beer, attention and fun. We will get to know you and you will get to know us. Our head chef Andrew will know your favorite dish and our brewers Kyle and Lan-Xin will know your favorite beer.

We are now open for applications. Tell us why you should be our General and what you would like to pay to become it.
Don´t let the financial bid scare you off. Remember, we want to find the right person.

Want to become a part of the WarPigs crew without the heavy lifting? Email your application to now.

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