MRC Update

Hey guys,

Here´s a little bit about what´s going on at MRC.

New Chapters:
We´re very happy that new chapters keep popping up around the world. Next training day is May 2nd and MRC Paris and Tokyo will be added to the list - also Toronto is very close to opening their chapter.
Over the last months Montreal, Malaga, Barcelona, Brooklyn, Tallinn, Philly and Rockford made their MRC debut.

Mikkeller Beer Run + next (Cph) training:
Copenhagen Beer Celebration is just around the corner, and so is the Beer Run.
We´ve got alot of crazy beer ready for you all - expectations are high.
Also, we hope to see a lot of you for the training on May 2nd, a special edition away from our clubhouse Warpigs. We meet at Sparta Hallen (venue for the CBC) at 13.00 and post-run beers will be served from Firestartercph.

DHL and Copenhagen Half-Marathon.
We’ve gotten hold of some pretty funky startnumbers (1-10) for the “DHL-stafetten” for Monday night, August 24th. Our cph teams “It´s Alive”, “Blå Spøgelse”, “Stella 5” and “Årh Hvad?” will be flying the flag for MRC. Details on how to take part will follow.
Plus: you can buy your bib-number for The Copenhagen Half Marathon (September 13th) in our web-shop:

OOB Coaching:
We offer official MRC training programs along with our friends at OOB Coaching. The programs are personalized and relevant to any MRC runner, who wants a bit more structure to their running effort - no matter if you´re a true rookie or an experienced marathoner. We highly recommend signing up with them.
For more info check out or simply send an email to:

Thank you all for your support!!!

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