Gluten Free Beers

Regular beer contains gluten coming from barley, the main grain source for making beer.

We know gluten can be harmful for people with celiac disease so we have developed a series of Gluten Free beers.

The quantity of gluten in food and beer can be measured in a specialized lab with a specific method, called Elisa. The level of gluten is expressed as ppm (parts per million or mg per liter). The EU legal level for food being “gluten free” is maximum 20 ppm.

Reducing the gluten content in beer (deglutenizing) happens by enzymatical degradation of gluten to reach a level less than 20 ppm. The beer is produced in the same fashion but during mashing and in fermentation there is an addition of food grade enzymes which have a specific catalyzing effect: they break down the gluten to a level which is hardly detectable. The glutenfree beers we produce have a level less than 5 ppm which is the detection level for Elisa.

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