Beer for the Wine Drinker!

Ahhh Øl, Skør and Vild now have new delicious Wine Barrel Aged versions. Each barrel lending an extra special touch to these beers.

Ahhh White Wine Barrel Aged: Belgian ale packed with aromas of spices, malts, yeast, as well as some herbal and fruity notes. Sweet, fruity and malty palate finishing with subtle notes of stone fruit and nice acidity.

Skør Red Wine Barrel Aged: Aromas of malt, spices and yeasty caramel combine with hints of raisins and juicy fruit notes from the barrels. The palate offers notes of chocolate, brown bread and finishes with notes of leather and earth.

Vild Bordeaux Barrel Aged:  Tribute to the classic Belgian ales with notes of dried fruit and marzipan and a dry and slightly bitter finish from the barrel ageing.

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